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Kinda been a bit off the grid as blogs go.. but I’m still about.

Current doings are: fixing up some retro computers, namely the ZX-Spectrum (pronounced Zed-ex >:0 ) 48k. got 3 of them. 1 works but only the lower 16k of ram, the upper fails so I’m working on tracking down what ram chips are failing there. The 1st one seems to be a culprit so far.ย  Also need to replace all the capacitors as the current ones are olde and i think they are part of the failures. since the machine crashes after a while of operation, and iit has to warm up before it will take ‘tape’ input (using phone to play tape files direct to the speccy).

The other two appear to have ram problems since they do not boot but are showing video signal so the ULA chip is at least working. one has had new caps fitted already but the other needs new caps before further testing. awaiting some parts like ram modules and chip sockets and 2 sets of replacement capacitors.

More to come as this project progresses ๐Ÿ™‚

The blog may go through a bit of a redesign at some point too..

Buildin mahself a Workbench shamone :v

So a few weeks back i decided i was going to build myself a workbench so i can make stuff :0

Got me some wood :v


And using nothing but hand-tools and joinery (no nails, screws or glue) i set to work..

hand tools and a cheap work-mate


Started by cuttingย  mortice and tenon joints for the legs

not bad for a brace and bit, and chisels


after a while i had the front legs assembled ๐Ÿ™‚ and they are pretty sturdy

Standy-Things :0


After a few days working on and off (and weather permitting) i had the work surface and front legs complete ๐Ÿ™‚ Dovetail joints hold the two top planks of the work-surface to the legs pretty well, i can lift the whole thing up by the top and it doesn’t come apart :D. also set in pegs to keep the legs and the crossbeam together.

Halfway complete ๐Ÿ™‚


All that’s left is the tool-tray, back legs, and two braces to go across the crossbeams for added support. the back legs will also be the ends for the tool tray.

more pics when i can carry on building (work at a standstill cos fupid rain since Thursday. luckily i got the bench and all the wood wrapped up in a tarp so it doesn’t get wet.. nothing worse than working with wet timber ๐Ÿ˜ก

Fallout 4 wins best game at Bafta awards – BBC News

Because Baw.. Baw never braincheese.

Fallout 4 has won the best game of the year at 2016’s British Academy Games Awards.

It marks the first time its US-based developer Bethesda has won the prize. It did not win in any other category.

kinda unsurprising that Fallout 4 would win awards, but this is some nice news to come in between the releases of the 1st 2 DLC packs.

Automatron was released a couple of weeks ago and this coming Tuesday sees their second DLC, Wasteland Workshop, that adds more craftable items for your many settlements as well as traps for trapping wasteland creatures for reasons..

Fallout 4 wins best game at 2016’s British Academy Games Awards.

Source: Fallout 4 wins best game at Bafta awards – BBC News

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